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    Welcome to our new website! It is, so to say, the continuation of the website classical-music-essay.ru. Here the same long-range objective is set — to understand the essence of compositions of classical musical heritage for perfection of human personality as well as for improvement of his vitality. For this purpose, further development of the method of verbal interpretations of musical compositions in the genre of the essay proposed by the author of the project is made and the basis of these interpretations is semantic and logical analysis of texts of the compositions.
    However, the website is new indeed. Its title includes the word “concerts”. It means that the main emphasis will be on such form of performance of musical compositions like concert performance. New website is a kind of concert stage with a piano on which one performer is playing — the author of the project.
    Verbal interpretations of musical compositions from the website classical-music-essay.ru (page in English) were included into the section “Library”. New essays appeared on this website.
    What is the fundamental difference between the proposed essays and the existing types of musical analysis and forms of its presentation?
    These essays are “translations” from the language of music into the language of literature. This is not a conversation about music in general, these are, above all, the stories. The stories which are not free by nature but closely associated with semantic basis of musical texts. The stories, made on the basis of profound analysis of means of music expressiveness of these texts. And this analysis is inner, “invisible” part of an essay. The stories representing a composition not fragmentarily but holistically, in a logical sequence of its “events”. 
    The found form of “translation” of music into a verbal language activates both emotional and rational and logical component of human activity. By arousing interest and holding listener’s attention during performance of the whole musical compositions stories thereby “create” conditions necessary for its understanding.
    Performance of musical compositions reflected in these essays is represented in the section “My concerts”. Along with the traditional form of record there are also sound files with combination of a musical composition and its verbal interpretation. The records, initially designed for educational purposes, can be viewed at the same time as independent concerted numbers, having some relation with recitation to music. In concert halls G.Nasypnaya reads these essays before the performance of music.

    On the website musical compositions by G. Nasypnaya, created for instructive reasons for learners of the language of music classics, are presented.
    Music and essay on it were performed by G. Nasypnaya.
    We wish this website to help us to comprehend the new, to arise interest to create it by themselves, and the most important — that the website may grant the joy from communication with music.
    Let us to thank visitors of the website classical-music-essay.ru for their interest, for wonderful feedbacks. Accept invitation to be regular visitors of the website music-essay-concert.ru as well. Please, write to us about your impressions and desires.

                            With deepest respect,
                            the author of the project
                            Galina Nasypnaya

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CD “Galina Nasypnaya To help the persons studying music classics” with author’s performance and text accompaniment of pieces. M., “Artservice”,  2011.
This CD can be purchased at the online store (ozon.ru, urss.ru).

CD “Galina Nasypnaya New in perusal of music” with author’s performance and text accompaniment of pieces. M., “Artservice”, 2012

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